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Hi! My name is Arpita. I am a 19 year old college girl! This blog is for you to come on here whenever you are feeling sad, mad, tired, and need some inspiration. Feel free to talk to me about anything. Just remember that you are beautiful and no one else is like you.♥
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chicashaktiom said: i love your blog my dear! namasté

Thank you love! Namaste to you too =]

be-better-then-yesterday said: I love your blog :*

and I love you!

Thank you =]<3

truthabides said: Cooper Union for electrical engineering :)

awesome! congrats =]

truthabides said: Got a full ride to my college of choice :). Just goes to show that with hard work and trust in God anything is possible!

OMGG!!! Congratulations!! What school??!

I am so happy for you and if you ever need advice or anything about college, feel free to ask =] (finishing up my 2nd year and loving it)

mrsaugustus-waters said: I love running to Lorde's music. Not sure why, but it seems to help me a lot :)

I think it’s the energy that her music has, her songs are definitely different from mainstream, I love Team. it’s the background song to my personal blog

Thank you for sharing =]

paanini said: I've some questions! Number 12, 41, 55, 81 :)

of course! =]

12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?
hmm this is tough, out of the recent ones right now:
1. Adore You-Miley Cyrus
2. Summertime Sadness-Lana Del Rey
3. Monster-Rihaana and Eminem
4. Ram Chahe Leela

that’s all haha, not very interesting because the current songs aren’t very interesting

41. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
I do, but after that, if they still don’t change, then it’s time to say bye bye or at least not trust them as much

55. Favourite blog?
hmmm, haha, is it full of me to say my own personal blog? I don’t know, but to just look at it gives me comfort

81. Favourite tv show?

American Horror Story, Lie to Me, Friends

aichantime said: 148-150 :))

thank you for asking!

148. What’s your favourite quote?
"Behind every cynic lies a bitter dreamer" 

149. Do you believe in ghosts?
not a firm believer but yes I do =]

150. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?

From The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
"Because he didn’t like people with money, didn’t like the way they flaunted it, and didn’t like the way they thought they were better than other people because of it"